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Enterprises to participate in marketing innovation and performance management t

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November 21, 2015 - 22, the Rhyguan machinery to participate in the operation of the successful organization of the Zhang Xiaolan low cost sales innovation and Shi Kejie performance of the strength of corporate training.

In training, Zhang Xiaolan teacher put forward what is marketing, product marketing success reasons, how to make money in China's current market, for the above problems summed up their marketing methods: first, to find a competitor. Two, for the competitors, analysis of the market to determine the marketing strategy, the integration of various factors, the low cost of victory over the opponent. Training, Zhang combined with actual cases, explain the small enterprise marketing innovation, pay and successful ideas, solutions, let the ideas and methods of people trained to get great development.


Shi Kejie pointed out that the fundamental purpose of performance management is to enhance the profits of enterprises, the development of the potential of employees, the establishment of a system can be copied. Around the four major steps of performance management: objectives, measures, evaluation, incentives, to develop their own business performance solutions.


  Through this training, we know the importance of knowledge. In this competition, so incentive in the society, only constantly updated to learn advanced knowledge can make enterprise lasting changqing