Unwinder & Web Guiding

1. Unwinder with closed-loop tension control.
2. Electronic web guide with ultrasonic edge guide sensor.
3. 76 mm air expanding mandrel.
4. Optional roll diameter: 700 mm
1000 mm

Flexo Printing Unit
1. Independent, servo-driven semi-or full rotary printing unit with auto pre-positioning and registration.
2. Optional reverse side printing.
3. Printing repeat lengths of 50 mm-457 mm.

Semi- or Full Rotary Die Cutting
1. Independent and servo-driven.
2. Repeat lengths from 50 mm-330 mm for semi-rotary, and 190.5 mm-476.25 mm for full rotary.
3. Magnetic or solid/engraved cylinders.

Cold Foil & Super Varnish
1. Cold-foil and super varnish with two pneumatic shafts and unwind/rewind.

Slitting Options
1. Add shear slitting knives.
2. Increase productivity with automatic shear slitting to control the knives from the user-interface.
3. Optional razor blades.

The optimal solution for high productivity

IML System
1. IML die-cutting system designed for easy installation and removal.
2. Static eliminator in label output collection table works with counter and stepless speed regulation.

Rewinding Options
1. Standard single rewind.
2. Upgrade to dual rewind, or a productive Turret rewinder with buffer and automatic cutting of the web for optimal productivity.



TOP-330-PLUS 2 Spot Varnish and Die Cutting

1. The varnishing die cutter is cost-efficient, which is used for high quality converting and finishing. 2. The die cutting machine is designed with winding, semi or full flexo printing, semi- or full rotary die cutting, super varnishing, and can be optionally configured with cold foiling, IML system, slitting, sheeting, laminating, etc. 3. Fully servo driven operation provides high productivity.